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The Secret Behind Our Trials  by  Harun Yahya

The Secret Behind Our Trials by Harun Yahya
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What has occupied your time over the years: worries about getting into the university of your choice, finding a good job, acquiring a suitable husband or wife, making lots of money ...? What have you struggled to achieve and acquire: fame, fortune,MoreWhat has occupied your time over the years: worries about getting into the university of your choice, finding a good job, acquiring a suitable husband or wife, making lots of money ...?

What have you struggled to achieve and acquire: fame, fortune, reputation ...? While seeking to meet your goals, have you ever considered the following truth: All of these goals are only temporary and impermanent, for you can take none of them with you when you die.

After you die, what will happen to you? How will you fare in the Hereafter, where the only thing that will benefit you is how hard you worked while living in this world to earn Allahs good pleasure? The Quran states that this worldly life is a testing ground that will determine each persons place in the eternal Hereafter.

During these tests, we reveal to each other and to Allah, Who already knows our ultimate destiny, who we really are. Those who grasp this secret and live their lives knowing that they are being tested will gain an eternal and never-ending treasure: Gods good pleasure in His eternal Paradise.(description was taken from

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1983. The Secret Behind Our Trials

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